When we're struggling with the Imposter Syndrome, we're triggered by something, and that something is hijacking the emotions that would otherwise flood us with calm and confidence. All of us are triggered by many things, but all our triggers have one thing in common, they're inside us, not outside us.

It's normal to blame other people and circumstances for upsetting us even though it's our triggered emotions that cause us stress. And even when we accept that we can't control the world, only ourselves, we still feel helplessly victimized by our triggers. The barricade us in with the voices of worry and anxiety. What we wouldn't do to be free of them!

And you CAN be free of your emotional triggers. Learn to see them and choose how you want to feel. Don't believe me? Check out Dr. Reynold's post above and learn more about emotional triggers.

Get your journal out! Turn this course into a personal reflection journey!