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Nine hours a week.

That’s how long the average person sifts through search results looking for the information they need to be more successful at work. Nine hours a week.

What if we stopped all the sifting and redirected that energy into sharing what we already know about the topics we have mastered?

What if each person we shared with then returned the favor? Every individual is passionate and knowledgable about something.

Could we build a new kind of learning destination where real-world practitioners were both sharing their expertise and benefiting from the unique perspective of other professionals and experts?

Trick question. This learning community already exists.

Welcome to Catcat.

Catcat is on a mission to improve the way experts, content creators, and learners share and consume the information that actually helps people become more successful at work.

We've already identified the most sought after work-related topics and the Catcat community is busy creating and curating original content, articles, blogs, videos, and podcasts into meaningful learning experiences that anyone can access for free.

Although we’ve published a ton of great learning experiences already, we’re just scratching the surface. Our goal is to build out a robust library that addresses a wide variety of topics, which will become the building blocks to master the skills needed for any occupation.

Our progress so far.

Join our (r)evolution.

If you're enjoying the learning experience on Catcat and just want to continue to consume for free, then learn on!

If you want to give back to the community and consider yourself an expert on one or more of the topics in the curriculum map, we invite you to contribute to the project. It’s easier than you think to change the way the world learns.

To share your expertise:

  • Create an account.
  • Click the big red + button at the bottom of your screen
  • Copy and paste links to your favorite videos, blog posts, articles or books, then put them in an order that makes sense for the learner
  • Add a hero image and cover art, then assign a level of difficulty
  • Publish your path.

Want more? Here's a path on how to curate content on Catcat:

Intrigued, but not sure where to start? Reach out and let's chat more about Catcat.