It's easy to put off developing a list of accomplishments until the night before an interview, but that's a mistake.

Creating an ongoing list of accomplishments--big and small--and updating it regularly is a fantastic way to boost your own confidence in yourself. This confidence boost isn't just to make you feel good. It helps you speak credibly to your own value in situations as diverse as informal networking, formal performance appraisals and job interviews.

While this is a great strategy to help everyone put a shine on their personal brand, I often find it transformative for my female clients. Many of us struggle to articulate our value and share our successes for fear of 'bragging.'

But telling the truth isn't bragging, it's empowering. There's something magical about putting concrete accomplishments that drive business value on paper. For many of my clients going through this exercise often allows them to believe they are valuable, and it gives them a more authentic, specific and meaningful story to tell about what their value looks like at work.

Check out the article above for some tips on how to create compelling accomplishments, including examples.

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