Once you start managing people, it's not unusual to have opportunities to meet and interact with executives. This is an important time in your career, because you're getting exposure that can accelerate your career--or put it into a backwater tailspin. Executives are always on the hunt for fresh talent. Catch their eye or ear and you could find yourself on the fast track.

So how do you catch the attention of a senior executive? Sometimes it seems as though executives live in a foreign world where in-depth and detailed communication never gets to take a breath. Executives often appear curt, distracted and like they have more important things on their mind--because often they do! To make a good impression with an executive then, it's important to understand this and speak to them in ways that (a) get their attention and (b) give them reason to choose to spend time with you. When an executive says, "Tell me more," you now you're communicating to them the right way.

Wondering how to authentically learn to speak 'Executive'? Follow these three simple steps and you'll be communicating more effectively with everyone.

Get your journal out! Turn this course into a personal reflection journey!