Many people (not just women) struggle to figure out what it takes to get ahead in the workplace. The confusion often comes from the fact that so many hires and promotions do not appear to be merit based, and most organizations do not have transparent processes for promoting internally. Instead of transparency they rely on informal networks and approaches to developing and hiring internal talent.

For women and other groups not culturally recognized as natural leaders, it’s even more confusing. For the reasons referenced in the discussions on unconscious bias above, even the “sure-fire” strategies like mentoring and networking are often ineffective for helping you advance.

So what’s a woman driven to succeed to do?

A major investment you can make in your career is to become comfortable with being visible to the leaders in your organization. Visibility is more than being in the same hallway around lunchtime. It includes ensuring you're at meetings they care about, speaking up and getting credit for your work in front of them and producing results they care about and which show up on their management reports.

Becoming visible is often uncomfortable for many women (see 'Dodging the Imposter Syndrome' later in this program), and yet it's critical to your success. The good news is that there are many authentic ways you can increase your visibility. So get started now! The interview at the link above will give you some good ideas about where to start.

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