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  • Coaching Employees to Unleash High-Performance and Growth

    Curated By: Paula Barrios Sanchez An important part of your role as a manager is to create an environment where your team can thrive, with everyone contributing at their highest levels to organizational goals. Research shows that people and teams who...

  • A How- To Guide for Effortless Team Goal Setting

    Whether you’re managing a team of 100 or team of 1, you want to be an effective leader and coach, one that can both motivate, influence, and inspire the people you work with. A critical component to leading a team...

    • Beginner
  • How To Re-establish Credibility and Trust with Your Customers

    Curated By: Elinor Stutz Business depends on customer satisfaction.  Immediate action must be taken to answer any remaining question, an element of doubt, or complaint.  Should someone decide instead to ignore a question mark, not only will the client cease...

    • Beginner
  • Providing Feedback: A Supervisor's Guide

    As a supervisor, one of your responsibilities is to provide performance feedback for the staff you're overseeing. It's important for them to know if the work they're doing aligns with the company's goals and mission, and it's also important for...

    • Duration 3h
    • 5.0
    • Beginner
  • Become a Better Leader: Mastering Management Fundamentals

    Most managers don’t perform the management responsibilities of their job unless there is a "special occasion": 1. Something goes wrong 2. More work has to be heaped onto an employee 3. Changes of course or new strategies have to be...

    • Intermediate
  • A Practical Approach to Improving Culture

    There has been a long-held myth in the business world that workplace culture is either too squishy or too complex to define and manage like other core business functions—and that is simply not true. In fact, culture is arguably one...

    • Intermediate
  • The Discipline of Delegation

    Relinquishing work sounds easy, but there's an art and science to delegating effectively. In this path, you'll learn more about the psychology behind delegation and how you can use it as an opportunity for development for your team.

    • Advanced
  • Delegation Mistakes to Avoid

    You know how to delegate, but are you missing the mark when it comes to delegating effectively? Avoiding delegation mistakes can make the difference between a productive team and an unproductive one. Learning to avoid these pitfalls can be the...

    • Intermediate
  • LeaderSHIFT: Leadership Essentials for an Extraordinary Life

    Do you want an average life? Something ordinary, something unremarkable? Most people would answer those questions with a resounding “No!” And yet so many people live a life that is exactly that: average. Ordinary. John Maxwell, author and noted leadership...

    • Beginner
  • Goal Setting Guide For Teams & Organizations

    “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” — Pablo Picasso Goal setting is a very...

    • Beginner
  • Keeping Your Remote Team On Track

    Given the rise of video conferencing, the Slack app, virtual project management websites like Coschedule and Trello, remote working has never been easier or more convenient. Of course, it raises the question, who is it convenient for? Yes, you can...

    • Beginner
  • Teamwork! Embracing Our Collective Ethos

    Why do some teams 'just click' and others seem to be such hard work? How do I engage with my team members when they are virtual or disconnected? These questions are very common for us to ask ourselves when we...

    • Beginner
  • Want to Be a Great Boss? Give Better Feedback

    Everyone who manages wants to be thought of as a great boss. Being one doesn’t mean being an easy boss or not challenging your employees. It means being the kind of boss who knows how to get the best out...

    • Intermediate
  • Become the Person Others Follow

    Along your road to success, you will encounter various types of leaders. Over a decade of teaching, seeing people with no leadership experience emerge as effective, confident, able leaders has proven that leadership can be taught, like any social, emotional,...

    • Beginner
  • Creating a Customer-Focused Culture

    Today’s customers are more demanding and knowledgeable than ever, and their loyalty is fleeting. Organizations find that what worked in the past does not guarantee future success. However, the best in the business know that having a customer-focused culture...

    • Intermediate
  • The Intersection of Creativity & Leadership

    Leadership is no longer a novel concept, reserved for the executives and change makers of the world. There is a wide-spread delusion in our societies that a person must be in a position which is described as “leadership” before one...

    • Beginner
  • Emotional Management: Stop Toxic Employees from Ruining Your Team

    According to a Harvard study, one toxic employee can cost an organization about $12,000 a year in lost productivity, low morale, upset customers, and litigation fees. How do you stop these "bad apples" from ruining your team? These resources outline...

    • 5.0
    • Advanced
  • Leader SMART

    Being an effective leader at any level requires much more than just knowing some leadership principles and having a small collection of leadership skills. Your success depends completely on how SMART you are about WHO you are before you ever...

    • Intermediate
  • We All Need a Little Inspiration

    Each week, Dr. Gonzales focuses on a theme related to leadership in public education, focusing on the theme and related videos, articles, and photos. Check back at the beginning of each week and take a bit of time...for a coffee...

    • Intermediate
  • The Leader's Guide to Giving Effective Feedback

    Many leaders will say that providing constructive criticism and negative feedback is tough: deciding what to say, and when, can be a challenge. It doesn't have to be, though. These resources will have you giving meaningful, effective feedback to your...

    • Advanced
  • The Learning Leader

    Leaders are learners. The best leaders never stop working to make themselves better. As Kobe Bryant once said, "There is power in understanding the journey of others to help create your own." This path has been designed to help you...

    • Beginner