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  • Building Strong and Lasting Client Relationships

    This path will help the learner implement practices and strategies to manage and maintain business relationships with customers, clients, partners, and prospects. At the end of the path, learners will be able to identify communication techniques to...

    Curated by Anusha Whittaker
  • Education is Marketing is Education

    Good education is about engaging your audience, providing multiple pathways about learning more, and giving people options for expressing what they’ve learned. Good marketing builds upon the same foundation. Marketers are still tasked with engaging...

    Curated by Lindie Johnson
  • Your Customers & Digital Engagement

    Brand engagement creates the potential for your customers to interact with your organization's offerings in authentic ways. One activity below explains how Excited and engaged customers bring in 23 percent more profits. However, with advancing...

    Curated by Anusha Whittaker
  • How To Get Started in Community Management

    I remember my first day as a community manager. It was the summer of 2009, and I had just graduated from SUNY Geneseo. About four weeks earlier the founders at a new startup called Scribnia had offered me a job...

    Curated by David Spinks
  • How to Create an Effective Brand

    Having an effective brand can be the difference between being seen as a low-cost interchangeable commodity or a valuable partner who solves problems and is deemed worthy of loyalty. An effective brand allows you to clearly define who you are...

    Curated by Ben Baker
  • Cultivating a Sales Mentality

    You are the one they come to when they need to close a deal, make a hard sell or cultivate a sales mentality amongst their team. You have the "It" factor. You know how to intuit the 'No' and create...

    Curated by Desmond Mays
  • Open Doors & Close the Deal

    The begrudged sales call. You understand the fundamental principles behind selling, but you still dread the 'sales call'. There are several ways to manage a sales call, however, the 8 steps detailed below include the most succinct way you can...

    Curated by Laetitia Samuel
  • A Sales Guide to the Galaxy (Just the Basics)

    Essentially, everything you do on a daily basis involves sales. Whether you are selling an idea, a product, or a service (or being sold to), you are constantly engaged in the process of capturing an audience's attention, presenting some level...

    Curated by Laetitia Samuel
  • Trust is the Soul of Sales

    My professional inspiration stems from a collection of my personal experiences and journey. I have learned that flexibility is key, the power of a belief system and how knowing my value changes the way I enter any sales arena. This...

    Curated by Elinor Stutz
  • The Best Salespeople Are Magnetic (& Know The Rules)

    Magnetism is an invisible force that keeps things connected. This is a very basic definition of the word, but quite applicable when discussing the rules of Sales. Typically people are drawn to people for reasons they can't clearly explain. Whatev...

    Curated by Alysia Dumas
  • Selling 101: A Basic Introduction

    Sooner or later, everyone finds themselves selling something. Contrary to popular opinion, the best sales people don’t all have their own style of selling. There is a process, and a series of practices that everyone can learn in order to...

    Curated by Dave Kahle
  • How to Create Content for Humans and Algorithms

    The amount of content we produce every day is truly mind-boggling. There are more than 3 million blog posts created each day and half a million tweets sent every minute...That pace is only accelerating with the growth of the Internet....

    Curated by Erwan Derlyn
  • The Hidden Psychology Of How We Behave

    We think we are rational creatures, but we behave irrationally all the time. Interestingly, we are consistent in our irrationality. This is the strange and bizarre world of Behavioral Economics and can provide a facinating blueprint to the human...

    Curated by Jono Bacon
  • Crafting a Customer Experience

    Customer experience can make you - or break you. Crafting a memorable customer experience can mean going above and beyond in your attention to detail and care for customers - but it's a craft that pays off. Dive into this...

    Curated by Joe Martin
  • Startups, Growth Hacking, & Digital Marketing

    Getting started - as a startup, small business, or entrepreneur - is tough. The startup boom has created such a tsunami of information around developing a successful startup that it's difficult to separate a signal from all the noise. This...

    Curated by Jonathan Aufray
  • The Basics of B2B Marketing Strategy

    Learn some fundamental B2B marketing strategies to help your company get ahead in this digital marketplace. Content marketing, lead capturing, and funnel optimization are all covered in this path.

    Curated by Ben Jacobson
  • Startup Marketing

    A curated list of resources referenced during my guest lecture "Startup Marketing" part of the Growth Marketer program (2018) at the Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm. This list can be a good starting point for startup founders, ...

    Curated by Erwan Derlyn
  • Digital Marketing in the Modern Age

    I’ve curated this list of selections because their subject matter either irreversibly changed the way I see the world or articulates the lens by which I now see the world. I hope this is as helpful for you as it...

    Curated by Marcus Collins
  • How to Make Anything Catch On

    Ever wondered why some things catch on and become popular while others falter? Do you want to know how to generate more word of mouth for a product or initiative you’re working on? Based on the international bestseller, Contagious: Why...

    Curated by Jonah Berger
  • E-Commerce Master Class

    The barrier to entry for ecommerce is so low right now, but the barrier to succeed is much higher, and growing every day. You can’t just come up with a product in your bed, make it the next day, and...

    Curated by William Harris
  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing

    Social media has drastically changed the way companies interact with current and potential customers. This path will help you capitalize on these interactions to support your marketing efforts, achieve specific organizational goals, and measure your...

    Curated by Tiffany Calandra
  • Sales Skills Focus: Cold-Calling

    Sales expert Brian Tracy once said, "Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service." Cold-calling can cause anxiety for some but others see...

    Curated by Philip Gutierrez