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Less Searching, More Learning.

What Is Catcat?

Good question! Catcat is a free learning destination that encourages anyone to curate, share, discover and consume information related to their individual passions or areas of expertise.

Intellum, the company behind Catcat, has spent the last 18 years building large, successful private and public learning environments for some of the biggest brands in the world, including Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Indeed and Randstad. In conjunction with these client partners, we’ve developed a powerful approach to online learning and we think it is high time that everyone in the world has access to it, for free.

Our ultimate goal is to help people acquire the skills they need to become more successful at work and in life.

How Does Catcat Do That?

We believe all of the the information needed to learn a subject already exists online and people like you are creating more awesome content everyday. But everyday online learning is still not right. We continue to force people into three models:

  • Option 1: Traditional learning solutions that are modeled after higher-education organizations (like Udacity or Udemy) where learners pay to take time-consuming courses from instructors and earn a degree.
  • Option 2: More modern content aggregators (like Degreed or the former Learnist) who amass large repositories of individual assets from recognized sources, group them loosely into categories and then dictate to the user what she should find valuable.
  • Option 3: Search-focused destinations like Google, Bing or YouTube that return millions of individual links and require the learner to spend more time sifting through and eliminating content than consuming and learning.

One way or another, these solutions are all based on monetization strategies, which seems like a conflict of interest if the real goal is to democratize learning. Let’s break the mould!

We all agree that smaller, bite-sized information is ideal and while individual learning assets are great, learning becomes much more meaningful when those assets are sequenced together into context. We call that sequence a "path." Pulling together informal assets into learning paths has drastically improved the way our corporate clients engage their employee and customer audiences and this is the learning experience we want to share with the rest of the World.

Catcat exists to empower anyone to leverage their expertise and passion to identify, organize and share the best of the bite-size information that is already freely available online. We are now striving to turn Catcat into a community of highly-engaged curators and learners that is changing the way the world learns.

Where Did The Name Catcat Come From?

Honestly? Catcat is a funny working title that stuck stuck. Go ahead. Say it out loud. You won’t forget it.

Why Is It Free?

This one is easy. At Intellum we track learning content consumption and we study how individuals connect these interactions to their job performance, career development and overall happiness. The more people we help, the smarter the system becomes. Keeping Catcat open and free allows us to reach a wider audience, which in turn supercharges the intelligence needed to recommend the right content to the right person at the right time.

Catcat will always be free for learners and curators because it is the right thing to do. Over the years (18 to be exact), our privately held company has been fortunate to find success with a large list of incredible clients, and it is now time to give back. We are never going to ask you, our learners or other curators for money. This is about building a better way for people all over the world to access the best of the free content that is already available on the Web.