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  • Pro Tip: How to Schedule & Coordinate for Efficiency

    You have just finished your work day and yet you have barely checked off any of the items on your to-do list. That sucks. The key is to effectively maximize your time so you can do the things you need...

    • Intermediate
  • Networking at Conferences

    Professional conferences provide inspiration on the keynote stage, education in the breakout sessions, and (for many of us) perspiration during networking breaks. Wherever you fall on the continuum of introverts and extroverts, you can use conferences to bolster your professional...

    • Beginner
  • Project Management: Measuring Progress & Alignment

    You’re in the delivery stage of your project, so now you need to assess your project’s performance. Here are a selection of videos and articles that will give you the information you need to get started.

    • Beginner
  • Crafting Your Email Management System

    You are, once again, trying a new productivity method. You cycle between The Pomodoro Technique, writing effective to-do lists, Stephen Covey's methods, Kanban, Zen to Done, Getting Things Done and countless others! You are determined to find a productivity hack...

    • Intermediate
  • Activating Dynamic Discourse

    Let’s talk! It is true that anyone can begin a class conversation, but not all conversations are fruitful. It is not enough to simply open the floor for discussion. If you really want to initiate juicy and impactful discourse in...

    • Beginner
  • Your Customers & Digital Engagement

    Brand engagement creates the potential for your customers to interact with your organization's offerings in authentic ways. One activity below explains how sports fans are so engaged with their teams that they describe them as a part of their personality...

    • Advanced
  • Inbox "Zero": Organizing for Efficiency

    Cracking the code for managing your email feels like winning the lottery. Unfortunately, I've only personally experienced one of these phenomena. Hopefully, after completing this learning path, you can join me and discover the best way to organize your email...

    • Advanced
  • Can You Answer An Accounting Question?

    Accounting software is used for a variety of reasons, efficiency, processing invoices, track income and expenses, track payments to vendors, and organize financial statements to name just a few. But it serves no purpose if the accountant or bookkeeper does...

    • Beginner
  • Creating Influence through Trust

    Assuming that we understand what our clients want, need, and desire is dangerous. We need to look beyond our own point of view and understanding of the world and discover how others interpret it. That is why asking questions is...

    • Beginner
  • How to Conduct Insightful Customer Interviews

    Imagine, for a moment, you had unlimited insight into the mind and behavior patterns of all of your customers and clients. That they simply told you what you spent hours trying to figure out. Now, realize the potential this has...

    • Advanced
  • Email Isn’t Dead. Make Sure You’re Doing It Right

    Email remains the life blood of business communications. Every time you send an email, your reputation, effectiveness, and productivity are on the line. Whether you’re communicating with customers, partners, or colleagues, take a moment to make sure you’re contributing value...

    • Beginner
  • Communicating Effectively: How to Inspire and Convince

    Course PROVIDED BY DelftX The majority of challenges that organizations face are technology related. Given the growing importance of technology, the demand for leaders with an engineering background will probably rise. Already a quarter of the CEOs of the world's...

    • Intermediate
  • How To Maintain An Organized Inbox To Enhance Productivity

    Overflowing email inboxes are not only sources of constant stress, but also can drastically decrease your work productivity. According to a report from the McKinsey Global Institute, an average employee spends 28% of their work time reading, writing or responding...

    • Beginner
  • Customer Salutations: A How-To Guide

    It may sound silly but simply greeting your customer goes a long way. In a matter of seconds, customers begin to form their opinion of your business and a forced or generic opening line will not seal the deal. Greeting...

    • Beginner
  • How to Get Sales & Marketing to Stop Blaming Each Other

    The engine of every company is customer acquisition. Customers translate into revenue which fuels job creation, investment and shareholder value. Without customers there is no business. While everyone in an organization has a role in driving business, finding and winning...

    • Advanced
  • How May I Help You? Creating Positive First Impressions

    The moment a customer enters your store, the clock is ticking. How your customers engage your organization begins the moment they cross your threshold. Greeting the customer quickly sends a message that your company is customer-centric and values quality service....

    • Intermediate
  • Performing Financial Calculations

    Math calculations are embedded in our day to day lives and we’ve been calculating since birth…well not birth, but you get the picture. As we mature, so does the type of math we encounter and some of us grow to...

    • Beginner
  • Flip the Script: Managing Customer Grievances

    Customer service representatives (and departments) are the backbone of any successful organization. They ensure both the customer(s) and your products/services are able to work together seamlessly. But what happens when the process is not so seamless? How do you handle...

    • Intermediate
  • Improving Customer Service in a Digital Era

    The entire customer experience is now driven by digital means. Many, if not all, customer interactions with your organization no longer involve a physical experience. Customers need ways to feel connected and respected by the business leaders and all other...

    • Advanced
  • Active Listening: A Communication Guide

    Stop hearing and start listening! In order to really connect with your customers, managers, and colleagues, active listening is key. These resources can help you develop the skills that can serve as the foundation for good communication.

    • Intermediate