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 An investigator is only as good as their last question. HR professionals conducting workplace investigations need to ask the questions that count and show relevancy to the original concern. These questions provided by Corporate will help prove whether the concern can be substantiated or not. The questions focus on 7 key areas:

  1. DIsability, focusing on whether an individual has a substantially limiting impairment, medical records, “working” as a major life activity, the essential functions of the job, reasonable accommodations, different treatment, and questions for management.

  2. Harassment/Hostile Working Environment, focusing on the applicable definitions and posing appropriate questions. Also provided is the purpose for which the particular question is posed, in an effort to have the investigator understand why the evidence is being elicited.

  3. Promotion,

  4. Performance Evaluation (Ratings),

  5. Retaliation,

  6.  and Discipline, all focusing on the law, and then on complainant’s prima facie case and pretext, followed by management’s legitimate, nondiscriminatory reason for the challenged actions with additional notes on the purpose of the questions;

  7. Compensatory Damages, focusing on the kind of damage, causation of the damage by the agency, the amount of the damage and the complainant’s responsibility to mitigate damages.