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  • Toxic Relationships at Work: Signs, Help, and What To Do

    Think about all of the relationships in your life—coworkers, bosses, partners, friendships, family members, neighbors. Do any of these relationships leave you feeling drained, depleted, cautious, avoidant, on edge, nervous, anxious, guilty, or tense? You may be experiencing a toxic...

    Curated by Maki Moussavi
  • The Secrets to Landing Your "Dream Job"

    Most of us want something more or better than what we have now. Work is typically the #1 thing many Americans report they are not fulfilled with and wish they could change. You don't have to be one of them....

    Curated by Laetitia Samuel
  • Have no Fear! How to Overcome Interview Anxiety

    The moment you enter the front area for your interview, your body immediately responds. Your palms are sweaty. Your clothes feel tighter than normal. You're also trying to calm the dance batter between your stomach and butterflies. Yes, this is...

    Curated by Nia Grant
  • How to Create an Interview Portfolio

    You've been applying to hundreds of jobs this week. Your top two options also chose you! Congratulations! They scheduled the interview and you are almost ready to secure your new position, all you have to do is ace the interview....

    Curated by Laetitia Samuel
  • Define and Build Your Skills

    We each bring a unique skill set to the workplace; the challenge is defining those skills and determining how to apply them creatively. This path will share some tips and resources to maximize your skills for today’s workplace. This content...

  • Personal Budgeting Basics

    Let's be honest. The word "budget" doesn't usually elicit happy feelings. Every time you try to stick to one, you end up spending more than you expected. You're fed up and ready for a change. Have no fear! In this...

    Curated by Nia Grant
  • How to Manage Gaps on Your Resume

    Deep breaths! It is going to be ok. We all have them for some reason or another, know you are not alone. Whether you have a gap in your work history because you were sick, needed a break from working,...

    Curated by Laetitia Samuel
  • workshops

    Couldn't make the meeting? Missed the live virtual session? No worries! Recordings and associated materials for events can be accessed here.

    Curated by Naomi Kaufman
  • You're going to college! Now what?

    I am currently a rising sophomore in college so I am fresh out of my freshman year. Here are the skills I either had or definitely could've used during my freshman year.

    Curated by Emery Cook
  • Passion Lead Success

    When developing a career plan, setting goals is a common success tool. Typically these goals are based on financial gain, but what if each professional goal spoke instead to your personal passions. Too often we have to decide between being...

    Curated by Laetitia Samuel
  • How to Organize + Prioritize Your Life

    Organization filters through every aspect of your life—in your home life, your relationships, your social life, and in your career life. Everyone is guilty of a little procrastination and laziness from time-to-time. Even Beyoncé needs a little...

    Curated by Career Contessa
  • Decision-Making: Quantifying Your Thinking

    We make hundreds of decisions every day, and even small improvements in our decision strategy can add up to huge payoffs over the course of our lives. Playing poker professionally taught me an enormous amount about rationality, psychology and the...

    Curated by Liv Boeree
  • Making Your Dreams A Reality

    "Success" can only truly occur internally, because it is based on your emotional commitment. At the most basic level, success is your relationship with yourself. Most people are living a lie; either saying they want to change but not doing...

    Curated by Benjamin Hardy
  • Goal Setting Success

    Top-level athletes, high achieving teams, and pretty much any successful business person and achiever in every field all set goals. In fact, the only thing between you and where you want to be is the execution of actionable steps towards...

    Curated by Ro Ferrelli
  • Building a Powerful Personal Brand

    We all have a personal brand. It is up to each and every one of us to understand what it is, what we believe in, what we are passionate about, what our value is and how to communicate all of...

    Curated by Ben Baker
  • Want That Job? Here's How To Get It

    Finding a new job (or your first job) can seem like an exhaustive process, but we’ve got your back! Before you go furiously updating your resume and tailoring cover letters for every position you see, make sure you know what...

    Curated by Career Contessa
  • Stand Up to Bullying with Ian McKellen

    He is a cultural icon. His acting career spans almost six decades and a wide range of genres from Shakespearean and modern theatre to popular fantasy and science fiction. He is recognized worldwide for his performances as the King in...

    Curated by Ian McKellen
  • How to Be *Pretty Intense*

    When Danica Patrick decides to pursue her interests, passions, or dreams - she goes all in. From her racing career to entrepreneurship, fitness, and nutrition, the energy and intensity she brings to each pursuit pays off - but she'll be...

    Curated by Danica Patrick
  • Time is Your New Currency, Spend it Wisely

    Remember when you had time to enjoy a book without checking your phone incessantly? Maybe not. How about when you could spontaneously check on a friend? Still too far fetched? Your time can feel like it has become as scarce...

    Curated by Laetitia Samuel
  • Fear Is a Gift

    Typically when we think of gifts, positive thoughts come to mind. This is because gifts are usually connected with smiles and gratitude. This learning path is going to open your eyes to a non-traditional gift that has the potential to...

    Curated by Adam Kirk Smith
  • How to Land A Summer Internship

    Summer 2019 is approaching and internship application season is upon us. Internships are a great way to get hands-on experience in your field, network with professionals, and maybe even get paid along the way. With tons of different internships to...

    Curated by Kennedy Jenkins
  • Career Resources: Preparing for your next role

    Are you entering or re-entering the workforce? Looking to pivot to a new role or industry? Here are some fundamental resources to help prepare for your journey These series provides resources to help you get a job, or change to...

    Curated by Naomi Kaufman
  • Dealing with Other People's Emotions

    Most people want to end conversations when someone cries or gets angry, but then you miss the opportunity to find solutions together. And, it’s likely you will make the person feel worse. It’s better to be compassionately silent until they...

    Curated by Marcia Reynolds
  • Power of Pause

    Many times in order for you to develop a healthy growth mindset and exceed within your career, you have to press 'Pause'. In the past there was a prevailing theme that presumed "doing more helps you succeed", but what if...

    Curated by Rachael O'Meara