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Life Skills & Self-Help

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  • Empowering Your Mind with Positive Psychology

    Twenty years ago when I struggled with depression, I had no idea about the tools I needed to stay mentally happy until my psychologist introduced me to them. Then I thought, “Why am I only hearing about this now?” We...

    Curated by Louisa Jewell
  • Finding Your Voice

    Author, social media influencer, and Catcat guest curator Najwa Zebian helps us navigate through the steps needed to find our voices. By uncovering our authentic selves and finding the right words, we're able to share our stories and build our...

    Curated by Najwa Zebian
  • Master the Art of Self-Confidence

    In order to achieve workplace success, personal satisfaction and personal achievement, competence is essential. But without confidence, competence will only take you so far. Lack of confidence and a low self-esteem are two of the major things that limit many...

    Curated by Jillian Cooper
  • Failing Forward…with Science

    We all experience failure, but scientists say that how we handle setbacks determines our future successes. These resources, curated from around the web, draw from the positive psychology movement; featured thinkers include Martin Seligman, Guy Winch, and Angela Duckworth, among...

    Curated by Julia Huprich
  • How to Make/Break/Keep a Habit

    “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” [Aristotle - summation by author Will Durant] Habits - good or bad - are the qualities many people find the most difficult to change, and...

    Curated by Chris Baker
  • Boost Your Everyday Effectiveness

    Do you consider yourself to be an effective person? Many of us could benefit from tweaking at least a few of our skills in order to become even more effective in our everyday lives. This is what we’ll be exploring...

  • Getting Interpersonal: Building Relationships

    The resources in this learning path focus on the importance of relationship building in developing and strengthening interpersonal skills. Learn to build, reinforce, and energize workplace relationships to the benefit of your career, coworkers, and organization.

    Curated by Chris Baker
  • How to Stay Safe Online

    The Internet can be a scary place. In this path, learners will be introduced to basic concepts of online safety and security. Common scams will also be reviewed.

    Curated by Julia Huprich
  • Minding Your Manners: A Guide to Business Etiquette

    Your academic knowledge and skills may be spectacular, but do you have the social skills needed to be successful in the workplace? Professional etiquette is an unwritten code of conduct regarding the interactions among the members in a business setting....

    Curated by Jillian Cooper
  • Learning How to Learn

    In a world of constant change, the ability to acquire new skills and knowledge quickly and continually is critical to your success. This short path, which was inspired by the popular Coursera course "Learning How to Learn", can help you...

    Curated by Julia Huprich