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  • Maintaining Your Customer's Confidence

    The foundational goal of customer service is to resolve problems and complaints. It’s critically important, then, that we ensure our solutions are actually implemented and customers feel confident we’ve solved their concerns.

    Curated by Donovon Jenson
  • Customer Complaints – The Road to Success

    Managing complaints is considered to be one of the ‘magic moments’ of the overall customer experience and can have a bigger impact on the way people feel about a business than the quality of its products or services.

    Curated by Miles Furnell
  • A Beginner's Retail Guide to Processing Payments

    Curated By: Shenetta Byars There are several ways customers can pay for their goods and services, and more and more are being added as technology advances. This path covers the basics of collecting payments, processing the payments, and lastly,...

  • Resume Writing for Smarties

    We create them all the time and they hold our futures on their pages, yet they are so difficult to get just right. Your resume is either too old, too modern, doesn't provide enough detail, or simply doesn't showcase your...

    Curated by Desmond Mays
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Accounting

    Accountants help organizations maintain order within their numbers. Remaining in the black and keeping your books up to date is a way to ensure your organization's future growth.

    Curated by Eric Hartel
  • Making the Most of Your Training Budget

    Congrats! You already know how to create a stellar training budget but don’t celebrate just yet. Budgets have to be put into use to be successful and may require tweaks along the way. This means you must consistently monitor your...

    Curated by Trey Williams
  • Define Your Next Project

    Think of your Project Definition as the foundations of your project. As with a building, it doesn’t matter how robust the framework is nor how well you build the structure. If your foundations are not right, the building will fail. So,...

    Curated by Dr. Mike Clayton
  • Set Goals for Your Project

    Your project’s goals will define what you get – so they should state clearly and without ambiguity what you want. Or, more precisely, what the project’s sponsors and key stakeholders want. Your job as a project manager is to ensure...

    Curated by Dr. Mike Clayton
  • Becoming a Master Negotiator

    Calling all negotiators! Are you looking to take your skills to the next level and become a master of persuasion? This path has been crafted just for you. You will learn how to: write the contract following the negotiation, receive...

    Curated by Mi-na Park
  • How to Budget Post-Training

    Budgeting post-training is just as important as budgeting before the training takes place. After the training, you can assess what worked, what didn't and how you can improve moving forward. In this path, you will learn about different metrics for...

    Curated by Desmond Mays
  • Leading a Team to Coordinate Events

    Picture this: You have been tasked with the responsibility to plan a company-wide training event. You're ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work but have no idea where to start. If that sounds like a scenario you're...

    Curated by Nia Grant
  • The Story Behind a Product Demo

    Usually, we find ourselves in the receiving end of a product demonstration. This type of presentation can be stressing for the presenter as a lot of preparation is involved in the process. The customer expect a concise and meaningful...

    Curated by Lianet Falcon
  • Building an Authentic Network

    Authentic networks are based on authentic connections; the act of surrounding yourself with people who feel right to you. An authentic network is exactly what these two words suggest -- a network of people you intentionally engage with in order...

    Curated by Laetitia Samuel
  • Product Demo: Selling Your Pitch To The Audience

    What happens after a product demo is given? Was it enticing enough to keep the client interested? These questions will be answered throughout this path. Usually, the following step after a product demo, or any type of presentation is...

    Curated by Lianet Falcon