In order to create meaningful opportunities for learners to make choices and become self-directed in their learning, educators have to move away from being lesson planners and embrace their role as designers of learning opportunities and educational spaces.

Learning designers empathize and seek to understand, define challenges and decisions to be made, share and value all ideas, create protoypes for iterations of their work, test their iterations to determine what works and how to move the design forward, and value the learner as the center of design.

Traditional curriculum and pedagogical approaches demanded that learners be experts in curricular material, but as we move into the Exponential Age, learners must be experts in learning itself. The only way to do that is to design meaningful choices and to explicitly teach learners how to make good choices for their own learning.

In this path, you will learn about bounded autonomy and to design meaningful choices through bounded autonomy; the Exponential Age and why expert learning is so necessary; and practical ways to engage learners through choice and to coach them in making good learning choices.