Not so much time ago, watching a film was a simple experience. We sat on the couch, turned the TV on and complained as we saw Terminator 2 or Home Alone for the seventh time with not many choices available. In this article you will learn about the paradox of choice, the notion that choice is liberating but that too much choice creates paralysis. Recontextualize this information to learning environments, and consider the connections between this paradox of choice and how that might be mititgated by coaching learners into making choices, which you learned about earlier in this thread in the article from DTour Professional Learning "Designing for Choice & Autonomy."

As you read the article "Netflix and the Constant Struggle of Making Choices," contextualize the ideas around choice in a television streaming platform to choice in a learning environment. Why is it so important to optimize the number of choices we give learners? What is the outcome when learners feel overwhelmed by choice?