Let's be honest: starting a new job is scary, and meeting a new employee can be just as intimidating. On both sides, neither person is sure what they are getting into and each of them is paying attention to every detail presented. So how can an effective onboarding process minimize the anxiety we all feel beginning a new career relationship while also maximize the offerings of your organization? Through engagement.

Onboarding could simply be introducing the details of a new hire's job, or it can be a whole experience. Research has found onboarding experiences produce the most favorable outcomes, including higher employee satisfaction and higher rates of long-term retention. By building your onboarding toolkit you can make sure you have the essentials covered for your new employee. Also, by creating a social experience the new hire can more comfortably get to know the company's culture and team. As an HR professional or conductor of this onboarding experience, you will learn creative methods to help save your organization money and time by maintaining the best talent from the beginning.