We all deal with difficult people in the workplace. Whether it is a difficult boss, colleague, or subordinate, when we understand more about what makes the difficult person tick, then we can better get what we want and need from that individual. This path provides you with relevant articles, videos, and podcasts to help you deal with difficult workplace relationships. You will walk away with specific strategies to incorporate to feel happier at work despite these challenges.

About the Curator

Amy Cooper Hakim, Ph.D., is an industrial-organizational psychology practitioner and workplace expert. She is a speaker, author, and the executive consultant and founder of The Cooper Strategic Group. She helps employees and employers to get along better, and coaches leaders and employees to improve productivity, morale, satisfaction, and overall work-life balance. Her book, Working with Difficult People,provides clear strategies to effectively handle the ten types of difficult bosses, colleagues, and subordinates. The book hit #1 in sales at Amazon for Business Etiquette books and was highlighted in Parade Magazine. She is currently putting the finishing touches on her next book about work-life balance.