Digital transformation is the name many organizations have given to their "program" to accelerate change and onboard new technologies into their business. For the vast majority, however, such programs are failing. A 2015 study made by PulsePoint Group indicated that 84% of such programs are failing or have failed. The reasons are myriad, including too many choices, misalignment, infighting, legacy systems, limiting belief systems, or the lack of a shared mission. Today, nearly everyone is on some kind of transformation, even the newer companies as they pivot from one business model to another. What will make your digital transformation program succeed? First, not to consider it a "program." It's a state of mind and it will necessarily be a continuing state of mind for the foreseeable future. I believe there are three key mindsets to have: a deeper sense of purpose and meaningfulness, personal responsibility and a truly collaborative spirit. While there are many important skills to have, the new killer app is knowing how to listen "hard" and to demonstrate empathy inside and outside, toward to the stakeholders and customers.