Marketing and communications for education is a unique challenge. With a wide range of audiences and a vast swath of generational personas, education marketers in both Higher Ed and Independent Schools need to be informed on the latest opportunities to reach those audiences and do more with less. These resources can help get your started in the best direction.

About the Curator

As a first generation college-student, Caylor has developed a passion for education with first-hand experience of how it can change the course of lives. After developing his first EDU website in 1997 for his alma mater Anderson University, Caylor has worked with institutions of all sizes to increase the effectiveness of their marketing and communications, especially in the digital realm, while improving metrics in both enrollment and development.
His goal is to partner with his clients to help them thrive by providing marketing and communication expertise and solutions as they face the challenges of an ever-changing landscape.
Bart lives in Fishers, Indiana with his wife and four children and continues to stay ahead of the curve for the future of marketing to consult and deliver solutions in both print and digital for his clients.