When taking a training program at a mid-sized company, the trainer is all prepped to facilitate an onboarding session with new employees. The trainer has spent months story-boarding and using the best tech to create a lesson that keeps learners engaged. However, as the course progresses, the trainer notices some of the students are having trouble grasping the concepts and have tuned out immediately.

One of the key principles learned early in a trainer's career is to think on their feet and modify the learning environment to suit their learners' needs. But before implementing changes to the lesson, one has to consider the learner and their style in which information is processed and ultimately learned.

Here's where the trainer needs to go beyond the traditional 3 most common learning styles- Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. This article looks into the these kinds of learning styles and how trainers can adapt their delivery methods to suit such styles of learning and align evaluation with these methods of teaching.