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Learners thrive when they know they are valued, appreciated, and supported. By taking the following steps you can create a positive learning environment that cultivates a space where leaners feel safe, nurtured and respected.

1. Provide Positive Feedback

Let learners know they are doing well by providing them with positive feedback. Praise is a very powerful motivational tool that can help you create a learning space of positivity. Show learners you appreciate them and notice their hard work and efforts.

This article on why there is power in praise for adults and children provides more information.

2. Be Supportive

Be supportive of your learners and urge them to support one another too. By fostering a supportive environment you’re thanking learners for their input as well as acknowledging their effort. A simple smile, thank you or compliment can go a long way and have a huge impact on your training session.

3. Create a Warm, Inviting Learning Space

Do what you can to make your physical learning space as enjoyable and comfortable as you can. Provide comfy seating, hang inspiring quotes and positive messages on the walls, and furnish the space with materials and items that help you create a positive learning environment.


This learning path included information on effective strategies and activities to foster a positive learning environment. It also included the steps you need to take to help learners thrive. Test yourself and your knowledge by answering the following questions.

  • What are two ways to help you clearly communicate information?
  • Trust is the foundation of every relationship. What is the best way to build a foundation of trust?
  • What are the five benefits of taking brain breaks according to Psychology Today?
  • Why is it important to provide learners with positive feedback?
  • There are three steps to help learners thrive, what are they?