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In order to create an ideal learning environment, you may have to have learners partake in a few activities. Here are a few practical ideas to help you create a positive atmosphere.

Provide Brain Breaks

No matter if you’re a child or an adult, when you sit for too long or are tired or bored you tend to check out. Once you feel mentally removed then you are no longer learning. That’s why brain breaks are an important tool to use in any training session. Brain breaks are short pauses that are meant to re-energize and re-focus learners so they are able to reconnect and continue learning. These brief activities can last from 1-10 minutes and vary from a physical task or mediation, to an exercise or any other kinesthetic activity that gets the blood flowing. As you know, being sedentary for too long is unhealthy so if you want your learners to be happy and healthy, then give them a brain break.

According to Psychology Today there is a value of taking brain breaks. They say:

  • Breaks are essential for physical and mental health
  • Breaks help to prevent decision fatigue
  • Breaks help to restore motivation
  • Breaks increase productivity and creativity
  • Breaks help improve learning

Create Competitions

Don’t be afraid of a little competition among learners, this will not change the dynamic or make it a place where individuals won’t respect one another. In fact, it may even do the opposite of that. Friendly competition actually brings individuals closer together because it forces them to collaborate with others they normally may not be in contact with. When learners work together to meet a common goal (like competing against one another) they learn to value and respect one another which helps to nurture a positive learning environment.

Partake in Group Work

Working together to reach a common goal is one of the best ways to foster a positive learning environment. When you are forced to work with someone to complete a task you must learn to collaborate, communicate and respect one another. All of these factors can help to remove any barriers between individuals and create a space of respect and kindness.