This path will introduce you to the basic principles of Evidence-Based Management, a revolutionary approach that is changing how we manage organizations, teams and people at work. For many years we have based our decisions on intuition and advice from experts or successful CEOs; now we are finally starting to incorporate other sources of information like analytics and scientific research findings, as well as to critically evaluate how trustworthy and reliable the evidence we base our decisions on really is.

That’s what Evidence-Based Management is about: the critical use of evidence from multiple sources to make better decisions at work.

With this path you will learn what Evidence-Based Management is, why it’s needed and why many organizations are embracing it. You’ll also find some examples of how companies like yours have been implementing it to solve their challenges and improve the life of their employees. Finally, you will be able to take your first steps towards becoming an evidence-based practitioner with links to online courses, scientific research insights, podcasts and more.