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  • Tackling Your First Employee Relations Investigation

    Investigating confrontations between employees can become a challenging and scary territory to tread for new human resources professionals. What should I say? Who should I believe? Should I even write this down? HR leaders must be prepared to navigate...

    Curated by Amber Turner
  • Attracting the Right Fit

    Wouldn't it be perfect if your job postings always attracted the right fit? If the ideal candidate was the first to apply and your work was done after just one day of your ad being active? What if there was...

    Curated by Rachel Henson
  • From Onboarding to Integration

    Was the information shared what I expected? Was it what I needed? Am I missing anything? Am I ready to begin? Am I clear on my roles and responsibilities? These are just a few questions new hires have when beginning...

    Curated by Trey Williams
  • Developing an Engaging Onboarding Program

    Let's be honest: starting a new job is scary, and meeting a new employee can be just as intimidating. On both sides, neither person is sure what they are getting into and each of them is paying attention to every...

    Curated by Trey Williams
  • The Building Blocks of Onboarding Success

    One of the most important ways that organizations can ensure the success of their staff is through the strategic use of onboarding, the process of helping new hires adjust to their new jobs quickly and smoothly. According to the Society...

    Curated by Trey Williams
  • Attention! These Resources Are Human

    HR departments have changed a lot over recent decades. Previously they were known to serve two primary roles: hiring and firing. Slowly people are starting to realize the potential and power HR departments have within an organization. These changes...

  • Diversify: Overcome Unconscious Bias

    We all have prejudices we're not aware of; the key is to acknowledge their existence and make decisions in spite of those biases. In this path, Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson helps us understand what unconscious bias is and strategies we...

  • The Secrets to Hiring Great Employees

    Hiring the wrong employee is a mistake that can cost your organization thousands of dollars in wasted productivity and salary costs. But how do you get it right? Here, experts share some of their tips, tricks, and secrets to success.

    Curated by Julia Huprich
  • How to Build a Winning Team

    Building a team is tough enough - but building a winning team that stays engaged and focused, champions one another, and communicates openly - even tougher. Discover what it means to build a team that wins and learn how to...

    Curated by Chester Elton
  • Appraising Your Staff's Performance

    The opportunity to appraise staff performance opens doors to improvement in workplace communication, employee engagement, and organizational goal alignment. In many workplaces, the performance management process culminates with an annual performance...

    Curated by Philip Gutierrez
  • The Truth About a Career in HR

    Want to pursue a career in Human Resources? There are many different aspects to consider; this path walks you through several of them, including the role of HR professionals and HR information systems.

    Curated by David Ulrich
  • How to Conduct an Effective Job Interview

    It can be as nerve-wracking to interview a job candidate as it is to be interviewed. These resources will help you navigate the interview process as an interviewer; topics covered include the general interview process, mistakes to avoid, and sample...

  • Cultivating Diverse & Inclusive Workplaces

    Developing a diverse and inclusive organization and network is just smart business. Teams, organizations, and networks benefit and grow from the unique experience of each member. This learning path explores why diversity in the workplace is so...

    Curated by Philip Gutierrez