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  • Becoming A Connector

    It’s as simple as this: connection drives results. Networking, branding, communication, and even top notch ideas are only bits and pieces without human connection. Regardless of your goal, who you know and who knows you goes a long way. By...

  • Phone Skills for Everyone

    "Answering the phone" sounds like an easy task, right? But there's a lot of pressure to do it right. Each time the phone rings, it's an opportunity to make a good impression on someone on the other side, whether it's...

    Curated by Trey Williams
  • How to Be a Better Business Writer

    Writing is an essential career skill. Whether it’s an email to a colleague or a thought leadership blog posts, your words represent you in the world at large. With planning and practice, you can become more effective and productive writing...

    Curated by Anne Janzer
  • How to Be a Public Speaker

    You have the idea, the business plan is written, and you know the steps to take to turn your idea into a reality... but there is one piece of the pie missing: communicating your idea to the world. If you...

    Curated by Alexa Carlin
  • Upgrade Your Communications Tool Belt

    When you boil it down, communication affects everything we do. Excellent communication is key to any successful endeavor. Poor communication can ruin even the most straightforward task. Boning up on communication skills is a no-brainer, but where do you begin?...

    Curated by Joss Ellison
  • Boosting Your Powers of Persuasion

    Persuasion is the process of changing a person’s attitude or behavior by using words to convey a combination of reasoning, logic, feelings or information. Knowing how to effectively get people to see things your way is the gentle art of...

    Curated by Jillian Cooper
  • Be Assertive & Build Self-Confidence!

    Merriam-Webster Online defines assertiveness as being "disposed to or characterized by bold or confident statements and behavior." Many people confuse assertiveness with anger & aggression; but being assertive is simply an expression of confidence - be it in your self,...

    Curated by Jillian Cooper
  • Managing a Global Team

    Global teams make total sense for growing organizations in today's economy. The benefits of a dispersed team can often outweigh the convenience of a traditional in-office team in a number of areas; but they come with their own set of...

    Curated by Anusha Whittaker
  • The True Art of Listening

    "I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen." - Ernest Hemingway Hemingway was on to something in highlighting the importance of listening, and listening carefully. In fact, experts agree with the surly author...

    Curated by Chris Baker
  • There’s Speaking. And there’s Public Speaking.

    If you’re reading this, you’re interested in the way you speak. Too fast? Not fast enough? To many ummms and errrs? Too ‘flat’? Sounding boring? Everyone has their own voice and communication style. Sometimes really informal. Chatting to friends. In...

    Curated by Danish Dhamani
  • Improve Your Business Writing

    Writing well is critical to your success at work. These resources will help you navigate some common pitfalls in the English language and apply new skills to common business tasks.

    Curated by Jillian Cooper
  • Getting Interpersonal: Recognizing and Resolving Conflict

    This learning path explores factors that can cause conflict in the workplace, best practices for addressing conflict when it arises, and the role you can play in resolving and/or utilizing conflict toward positive outcomes for yourself, your coworkers, and your...

    Curated by Chris Baker
  • Getting Interpersonal: Communication Skills

    Interpersonal skills are the fundamental elements on which many other skills, in life and work, are built. This path introduces you to a basic, but crucially important, interpersonal skill - communication. Explore why interpersonal skills matter, what it means to...

    Curated by Chris Baker
  • Mastering Your Next Presentation

    Nervous in front of a crowd? Fidgety while speaking? Anxious about presenting in general? Never fear! These resources will help you plan, deliver, and evaluate your next presentation with ease and confidence.

    Curated by Jillian Cooper