The face-to-face learning modality is what we know as "traditional", where there is a classroom, a teacher / instructor and students, this modality lends itself to almost any type of learning activity, since it can involve teamwork, observation Direct from the teacher, practical demonstration of a process or other activities in real time.

On the other hand, the online modality can be divided into two subcategories: self-directed or tutored.

Why is this important? well:

• When there is no tutor: the learning must be self-directed, the participant must have very clear instructions so that they can carry out the activities without consulting someone. In these cases, the type of learning activities is based on those that are automatically evaluated like the test, or some in which the same classmates do an evaluation based on a rubric.

• When there is a tutor: the tutor is a core axis since it can solve the participant's doubts regarding the content, provide additional indications or explanations to understand an activity, and may be the one who evaluates an activity carried out individually or in teams, in addition to Participant feedback is personalized and there is closer monitoring of performance.