Since the early 60's, psychologists have studied the behavior patterns of how individuals make purchase decisions. Although we are in another millennium and a few decades away from the 60's, that research is still accurate in understanding and predicting buyer behavior.
Whether an individual decision, or deciding a mission critical project for an organization, buyers go through 4 phases.
Phase 0 is about setting goals, objectives and strategy.
Phase 1, is an assessment of current assets and what must be purchased to meet phase 0 direction.
Phase 2, is a search of potential vendors and solutions to meet requirements.
Phase 3, assesses risk of moving forward, or not, with preferred solution.
In today's selling environment, risk is a dominant buying concern across each of these buying phases while the others follow based on the focus of each phase.
Understanding these phases and areas of concern help a seller align with the buyer(s) and work alongside them to become the vendor of choice.
Phase 0, 1, and 3 are typically driven by decision makers. Connecting in these phases require sellers to have a plan, do research and focus on business issues creating a vision and value before introducing your product and price.
This learning path provides best practices to help you understand and connect with decision makers.
The path is designed for sellers in the b2b market at all levels of their selling career. Whether a beginner or expert, you will learn how to engage early and position yourself with decision makers as a problem solver or trusted advisor ready to help them address business issues.