A majority of job-related e-learning courses are designed to equip the learner with broad knowledge of their organization or the regular responsibilities of their positions.

After a 30 to 60 minute online session, the most efficiently designed course would show (through an equally efficient assessment) that the learners had a solid knowledge of the organization and their role within it. Does all this knowledge stay with the learner days after they have completed the assessment, in particular when it is time to apply that knowledge? In most cases, the answer is no.

With the lack of comprehensive mastery after the training, the learner (employee) stumbles into work feeling only partially ready to successfully execute their job. Not wanting to seem like the weak link, this employee will avoid asking questions about the material they just aced on the assessment, and will instead wing it or delay certain functions of their position. They certainly will not want to repeat the entire training session.

What if the learner had access to the information from the classroom made available to them on their phones, and could pull up just the parts of the training they did not fully master on an as-needed basis?

Introducing, Micro Learning- an e-learning format wherein bite-sized modules provide focused conceptual or application oriented learning required to achieve a specific objective. It allows learners to access information that best addresses their learning needs and on any device.

Here are various resources from users of this format of learning - discussing the definition of this concept in further detail, its impact on training and how to design learning in this format.