Most training and development specialists develop a keen eye for talent and create strategic ways to fit the right person in the right position. Recruitment is a team effort that requires insight and technical know-how. Luckily there are metrics that can measure how you are utilizing your skills to attract and retain top talent.

This article, written by Adrian Cernat, the CEO of a recruitment strategy firm, offers the top five metrics for measuring the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts. This learning path explores three of the five selected hiring metrics listed in the article offering additional resources and activities to further your recruiting success.

In order to measure recruiting success, you should observe and measure everything from your job post, where it was listed, the quality of applicants, and their match to the position once hired. As the saying goes "We can't improve what we don't measure." It is critical to the development of your talent pool that you have a system that not only finds top talent, but also continuously improves its processes.

The activities below detail various methods and benefits to measure your recruiting efforts, along with suggestions for improvement.