You have built an initial connection with the subject-matter expert (SME) and have also fostered an environment for collaboration. Now, what else should an instructional designer (ID) be versed in to ensure that course deliverable are achieved successfully?

The answer = Project Management Methodologies and Tools!

Projects of all topics and sizes have failed even though the team members involved started out with a plan. Why is what? What are the signs that a project is failing? When does it usually present itself - in the beginning, middle, end? Who is responsible for preventing, mitigating, and project failures? What project management methodologies and tools exist that can be specifically adapted to the course development process?

This path will begin by introducing you to common signs that a project is failing and reasons specific to why learning projects fail; most importantly it will also delve into the lessons we can learn from these failures. Then the path will subsequently explore several tried and true project management methodologies and tools that an instructional designer should adapt in their practice to better ensure success. Enjoy!