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The quiz activity enables a teacher to create quizzes comprising questions of various types, including multiple choice, matching, short-answer and numerical. The teacher can allow the quiz to be attempted multiple times, with the questions shuffled or randomly selected from the question bank. A time limit may be set. Each attempt is marked automatically, with the exception of essay questions, and the grade is recorded in the gradebook. The teacher can choose when and if hints, feedback and correct answers are shown to students.

The H5P activity enables you to create media-rich, interactive activities including quizzesStart by viewing the sample question set below. Next, learn to create your own H5P quiz in Moodle.

Respondus is an online tool designed to prevent digital cheating in proctored or non-proctored settings. Respondus is a 2-in-1 solution. To use Respondus tools, you must add the Respondus block to your course dashboard. Lockdown Browser Respondus Lockdown Browser locks the testing environment that disables printing, visiting other web pages, opening other resources on their computer, and copy/paste functions. Monitor Respondus Monitor uses a web camera within the Lockdown Browser to record the assessment session and flag potential exam violations.

Turnitin compares student written assignments to published work and other student work across institutions. The feedback studio allows you to give students recorded or written feedback. You can also assign grades with or without a rubric. Select Turnitin 2 from the activity menu to add a Turnitin assignment.