1. Customer feedback – This is a great, objective view of the change that can happen in the company due to training. If the feedback improves or worsens, it can be indicative of where the employees are based on your training.
  2. Safety numbers – especially if the training revolved around
  3. Improved pass percentages – once the employees “get” the material, the grading will increase each time. Low pass results across the board mean they are not getting it, which may be a result of ineffectiveness in training.
  4. If the resulting grades from the post-training test are significantly higher than the pre-training test, the training has high effectiveness.
  5. Retention – if the employee and/or customer retention is increased, then the training is effective. If an employee’s retention is better, it is because they feel valued, educated, and are able to use new skills. If customer retention is elevated, then the effects of the skills and/or attitudes of the employee's increase may be flowing over to the customers, giving them a better experience.
  6. Sales – if sales number are up, this may be a result of the employee’s training