After training and assessment are completed, it is now time to assess your performance and the performance of the course. Handing out a questionnaire or survey, often referred to as “Smile Sheets” or “Happiness Sheets” is done to get feedback from the participants of the training, which has two effects.
The first is to get ideas on areas to improve and also to find good areas that need to be enhanced or expounded. It is usually best to offer this feedback anonymously to ensure getting honest feedback. Obviously, you will want to take the suggestions as just that, suggestions. Not every idea is going to make the course better for all participants. The best practice for this is to take the answers and put them into a spreadsheet where the answers for each question can be analyzed together.
Second, offering a chance for feedback allows the participants to feel a sense of ownership of the course. Having a sense of ownership will help cement the principles in place, and the trainee will often remember more of the material.