Aside from the people who already know everything, many of us are committed, at some level, to learning. There are even some of us wise individuals who are committed to life-long learning and expanding our understanding of how things work. Through learning, we realize the connection between all things and become explorers, creators, and innovators.

Sometimes we absorb information all at once and other times we follow bread crumbs and small nuggets of data down a path to greater knowledge. We call this process a Learning Path. [Fun fact, this is a learning path!] Learning paths enhance your learning experience by presenting curated content to you on various topics. Learning paths organize details so you can gain a more enhanced perspective of a chosen topic, adding value to your online experience by presenting timely, relevant information. 

The following activities will assist you, even if you are simply a learner at this moment, in curating content to build an engaging learning path on Catcat's platform. If you want to understand more about Catcat's mission and why we create e-learning magic, click here to read further.