Deep breaths! It is going to be ok. We all have them for some reason or another, know you are not alone. Whether you have a gap in your work history because you were sick, needed a break from working, don't want to share your brief stint at an in-between job, had a child, went back to school, or life happened, you are not alone.

Finding a new job is scary enough without you feeling at a disadvantage so imagine your anxiety when you realize you need to find a way for your resume to be seen so you can begin to explain "what had happened".

This learning path shares resources to help you hold your head high and trust the process. We could go deep and I could say "what's for you is for you", or I could stay surface level and offer "life happens to us all, employers are more concerned with workplace culture and fit and whether you can do the job than your resume gaps. Make sure everything else shows you in your best light and forge forward."