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Ideally, solving a customer complaint happens instantly. They tell you what’s wrong, and you fix it on the spot. When it’s an option, our best course of action is to double check immediately that the problem has been solved.

Unfortunately, much of the time we can’t solve a problem on the spot. In these cases, intense proactivity can provide exceptional customer experiences. Here are a few quick considerations you should do during any customer experience that requires a follow up:

  1. Reach out the customer as soon as you know their problem is solved, or as soon as it makes sense for them to check if the problem has been solved. Ask about their experience and if they need anything else.

  2. Get verbal confirmation you’ve fixed everything they wanted.

  3. If the solution requires another internal or external team, set a schedule to follow up with them on your customer’s behalf, even if you don’t have to.

  4. Be open to solutions outside the normal flow. Maybe there’s something you’re missing or a workaround you could use.

  5. If you make a mistake along the way, admit it. Lying doesn’t help, it only undermines trust.