Subject Matter Experts (also referred to as SMEs) are experts in their field who possess experiences, insights and a deep understanding of their information. If you are an Instructional Developer, Trainer, Business Professional, Data Scientist, or Legal Counsel, you may work with them at some point in your career. Subject matter experts provide context to a subject and help to bring the content "to life" by expanding your understanding of the information.

When you cultivate a healthy working relationship with an SME and ensure you have good communication, you are in turn ensuring more productive outcomes from the project you all are working on. The key to this symbiotic relationship is how easy they feel working with you (remember they also have their own projects, so it is considerate to respect their time and be clear about what you need) and how well you clarify your expectations.

This learning path will guide you through the process of engaging a SME, preparing for the interview, actively listening to their questions and responses, and providing feedback throughout the process and at the end of the project.