We all want to prove we are capable of performing our work duties. Actually, let's be honest. We all want to show we are beyond capable of performing our work duties and support the organizations we serve. At times it seems as if our teams work in their own silo, chomping at the bit and moving the needle closer to the top. When we are head down completing assignments and finishing projects we can forget there are other teams or departments in our organization. Often we hear about the great work they are doing once it is done and wonder how both of us could have benefited from communicating earlier.

Interdepartmental communication can be facilitated by team leads, managers, and organizational leaders who can see the big picture and how everyone's participation contributes to the whole. When everyone communicates it also ensures your organization is moving towards their collective goals and the teams can unite around one common goal – improving the business.

It's no secret your business can and will perform better when each team communicates more effectively with one another. Proactive interdepartmental collaboration also ensures organizations can respond more quickly to its customers and that business is more efficient.