Annual performance reviews are as familiar to us as our annual dental appointments. Both are needed, lightly dreaded, and often times both are seen as necessary evils. Enter 'Real-Time Feedback' , an effective and efficient replacement for annual employee performance reviews (yes, your dental appointment still stands).

Real-Time feedback allows employers (and team members) to provide honest and meaningful commentary as work is completed. This allows the employee to experience immediate gratification or an opportunity to change any behavior that is not in the best interest of the organization quickly so everything can continue to evolve at the speed of business. Research has found that the receivers of this feedback are often more engaged than the average employee and the employers offering the feedback are also more engaged.

Many companies currently utilizing real-time feedback within their departments say they experience many benefits such as an increase in employee engagement and motivation, an increase in the quality and accuracy of performance data, and a cultural shift within their organization.