Imagine, for a moment, you had unlimited insight into the mind and behavior patterns of all of your customers and clients. That they simply told you what you spent hours trying to figure out. Now, realize the potential this has for your organization. Voila! This is the promise insightful customer interviews offer.

A 'Customer Interview' is a shortcut to receiving essential customer data. Instead of making assumptions, analyzing the market, and researching customer behavior, you can go directly to the customer and cut out all of the middle fluff. Your organization can ask the customer anything it needs to know, like, "What can we do to improve ___?" or "Tell me how we solved __problem for you." From open-ended questions to follow up questions, there is a new world of opportunity available to you when you begin to ask the right questions to the audience who has all of your answers.

This learning path is for business professionals who need to gather customer data in order to suggest, implement or make improvements within their organization's customer experience. Whether you're the customer service representative or the marketing manager, gaining insight into how you can better meet the needs of your clients can change the way you do business.