Your customer is upset, I mean really angry.

They call your organization to resolve their issue.

They are greeted by a friendly voice who knows how to respond to all of their cues seamlessly.

Soon they realize they are speaking to an automated agent, and they feel stuck in a loop.

They are now Really Upset!

Whether you are the organization working to meet your customer's needs, or you relate more to the customer, this path is for you!

Automation is here. We live in a world where you speak to an automated voice when you call most, if not all, customer service lines, before you are able to speak with a human agent, if you ever reach one. As cost-effective and efficient as this is for the company, often times the customer wants to relate to someone who can adapt to their concerns and provide human interaction. This poses a challenge for you as an agent of the company, working to balance the efficiency of your customer service department with meeting the needs and wants of your customer.