So many people in today’s world are sick and tired but don’t know why. When they try to find answers and help the only way they know how (typically mainstream medicine) most either end up being told “there is nothing wrong with you” or given a prescription that just masks their symptoms and can even cause side-effects and additional health issues.

I know, because I have lived through it myself. In 2011 I found myself accumulating one strange symptom after another, and when I saw my Primary Care Physician he told me I simply had anxiety, wrote me a prescription for an anti-anxiety medication, and told me I needed to see a psychiatrist. I followed these instructions, because I just wanted to get better, but within the next month I was down 25-pounds and bedridden. My husband, concerned I might not survive, contacted my doctor who then took things more seriously and set me up with somewhere around fifteen specialists. I held out hope between each appointment that the next one would give me the solutions I was so desperately looking for, but time and time again, nothing.

I realized that I needed to take matters into my own hands and discovered what for me, and for many, became a life-restoring approach to health and wellness – Functional Medicine.