Was the information shared what I expected? Was it what I needed? Am I missing anything? Am I ready to begin? Am I clear on my roles and responsibilities? These are just a few questions new hires have when beginning a new position. Sometimes they are afraid to ask, but often times they need these questions answered to feel effective in their new position. For these reasons, the integration process for new hires is an essential step in the onboarding experience.

The integration process for new hires can take many forms. For some employees they are ready to jump right in and others need a little more support before they begin working within their respective position. As the HR professional or onboarding captain, it is up to you to ensure your onboarding program has room to ensure everyone's needs are met. The integration step is where new hires begin moving to their department or area within your organization and working with their team. Since you have already Informed them of the details of their job, now they are looking to you to make them feel comfortable and like one of the family.

Onboarding begins when you begin looking for the talent and it does not end until that employee is comfortably assured within their new position. Follow-ups and check-ins are mandatory steps to ensure your process was a success.