What does it mean to be resilient? We have all heard the word before. Often times it's about kids - they are so resilient. Right? After we grow up, do we stop being resilient? I think we probably do but we shouldn't. It is so easy to get wrapped up in one thing that happened at work or at home that ruined your day. A phone call with a difficult customer can be challenging in the moment. We have all been there, when you hang up the phone and you can't let it go for the rest of the day or maybe longer.

Maybe it's not a phone call that can throw you off track, but bigger events. Bouncing back from organizational or technology change can be one area that impacts your day to day or your month to month. Change within your organization can be constant and longstanding.

These resources have been assembled for you to understand the why and also provide some tips to become more resilient. Use these tools to face the challenges head on and be resilient.