What gets new startups noticed? Going Viral!? Ok, sure - for the few lucky enough to hit the viral jackpot. For most new businesses, cutting through the noise of a saturated market and a plethora of distractive content means putting in work to develop a strategy around how, when, and where to connect with your audience. Explore the why and how of Public Relations and Brand Strategy and discover how you can employ each to grow your business, connect with the right audience - and who knows - maybe even go viral (no promises).

About the Curator

Mandy Menaker is head of PR and brand development at Shapr, the leading free app for professional networking. During her time at Shapr, she has helped to grow the app to over a million users (growth of 100,000 new users a month!), and landed feature stories in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, BBC, Wired, and more. Mandy is also a guest writer for Forbes and a frequent guest speaker with talks delivered at General Assembly's Unconference, PR News' Google For Communicators Boot Camp, and Northside Festival's Innovator Expo.

Previous to this role, Mandy led aggressive growth and brand strategy as Fluent City’s first marketing hire and third full-time employee. Over four and a half years, she spearheaded creative social media campaigns, leveraged unique partnerships, and implemented aggressive community building and blogging strategies to quadruple business revenue.