Emotional Intelligence is now recognized as a significant tool through which to better manage ourselves and others. The ability to manage relationships and behavior offers significant advantages in today’s world. But in advancing the concept of emotional intelligence, we should be careful not to out-pace the science. Since introducing the concept of emotional intelligence in the early 1990’s, psychologists Peter Salovey and Jack Mayer have seen a highly profitable industry emerge around their work. Unfortunately, much of it has little to do with the actual science of the concepts they introduced.

My path for the selection of information related to emotional intelligence is focused on a more basic approach to the cognitive integration of emotions in managing ourselves and others. I am particularly influenced by Daniel Goleman, the psychologist whose book Emotional Intelligence popularized the concept in the mid 1990’s, as he identified the four domains of emotional intelligence as being self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

In presenting the path for emotional intelligence, I am interested in providing access to information allowing readers the opportunity to know themselves and the people and things around them better. As we begin to see ourselves the way we are, we can also begin to see those around us more clearly. The more self-aware we become, the better we can be at managing our feelings and emotions. We can use the information to guide our thinking and behavior. We can also influence the thinking and behavior of others. I am hopeful that the path will provide a meaningful resource for understanding the enormous potential of awareness in the guiding of our behavior and actions.

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