Virtual training has given organizations the ability to provide employees with the knowledge and upskilling they need regardless of whether they sit across multiple office locations or work remote. While there are many benefits such as cutting down on travel budgets and less scheduling conflicts, there are challenges to consider as well. In the path below, we'll explore some of these.

Whether you are new to delivering online training or updating your training, this path provides you with an in depth overview of each stage of the process from first making the decision to shift to online training to what is entailed to become a pro. I built this path to also include some of those factors that we might take for granted but are just as important to a successful online experience including prep work before you facilitate the actual event, what types of technology to use, and examples of activities to engage your audience.

I hope that after going through this path you are able to pick up on some things to do differently or in addition to your existing plan. With virtual training, we're striving to make sure it resonates with your audience and drives impact.