As technology continues to advance, so does the field of digital marketing, keep up with the latest trends through ENTITY Academy's Virtual free resource to learn more about how to always stay on top of the game.

  1. Click on the page above to take you to our virtual academy page
  2. Scroll to the course, "Your First Step Into Digital Media"
  3. Click, "ENROLL"
  4. A pop-up will come up prompting you to sign in. Since you don't have an account yet, go to the bottom of the pop-up where it says, "Don't have an account? Register"
  5. You will provide your email, first and last name, create your own unique password and then agree to the terms and conditions
  6. The next page will ask for your school and graduation year - NOTE: if you don't have a school to input, you may leave these fields blank.
  7. In the dropdown menu on the lower right-hand side, choose, "Free Courses Only"
  8. Press "REGISTER"
  9. It will redirect you to the course automatically. If it does not, press the menu icon on the top left-hand corner and go to the homepage and you will find the course there.
  10. Start learning!

If you're interested in purchasing the full ENTITY Virtual Academy (includes full courses in Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Graphic Design, and more) please contact Maria Rotelli at We're happy to get you set up on the platform.