Blooms Taxonomy is the accepted process that a learner goes through as they acquire knowledge. It starts at the basic level of being able to recall information and progresses to a level of self of mastering the content. As a designer, it is simple to say that we always need learners to reach the top level but that is not always the case. In instances where only an awareness of the content being presented is required learners may only need to reach the first or second level whereas highly complex and specific topics may require the learner to reach a higher level. As designers, we need to be aware of the needs of the training and design accordingly. While designed for a student entering college, this video provides you with the basic knowledge that you need to understand Blooms Taxonomy and how it is applied to learning.

These levels of learning give you the foundation needed to succeed in college. From abstract ideas to logical reasoning, Bloom's Taxonomy is a proven successful model for learning.