Can you remember sitting in a training or class and the instructor is all over the place? Conversely, can you imagine leading a training or class and you have no sense of direction, helplessly hoping something sticks? Enter Learning Objectives. Learning objectives serve as a guide for the instructor and learner, helping to focus and set priorities, providing a clear road map of the intentions of the learning experience, and detailing the values of the lesson or training.

Measurable learning objectives also provide a basis for analyzing the level of cognitive processing we expect from the learner in an effort to focus and organize the instruction. Measurable learning objectives also serve as a model for the students and instructor to measure whether or not they received the information as it was intended for them. For instance, if a learning objective specifies the learner will be able to identify something, it is very easy for them to self assess and gauge whether or not they are able to do that or not. It is also easy for the instructor to measure and qualify the learning outcomes.

This learning path is or instructors, trainers, leaders and learners who would like to understand how Measuable learning objectives are developed.